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Receiving duplicate texts on Lumia 928?

I have started to receive random duplicate texts on my Lumia 928.  It does not happen with a pattern, and not with every conversation.  I am using the stock text app for the 928.  I had a conversation today that was fine for about an hour then about every third or fourth message received was duplicated, within about 30 seconds.  Is there an update that may resolve this issue?  I have rebooted before, and this has no effect.  I have not been able to find a resolution for this issue.  Thanks!

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Re: Receiving duplicate texts on Lumia 928?
Customer Support

I'm sorry to hear that you are receiving duplicate messages. I understand the frustration of this issue. Did it start after downloading a specific application? Have you checked the message settings? I'm not showing any issues reported regarding duplicate text. Have you tried a hard reset?

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Re: Receiving duplicate texts on Lumia 928?

It started about 2 months after I first received this phone.  I had not downloaded any apps at that time other than a facebook app immediately after  receiving the phone.  That app since has been deleted, so it is not the root cause.  Message settings are not an issue.  I do not have anything set other than default settings. 


It only happens when I am at home.  I am in a football-size area that is considered a "no coverage" area for just about all signal types, for all carriers (I have checked all the coverage maps).  I can get a phone signal but it is extremely weak and only when high up, as on my second floor. 


I am not willing to do a hard-reset due to all the information/apps/misc. items I have installed on phone at current time. 


Could this possibly be due to the no-coverage area and Verizon thinks it has not delivered the text message so it sends it again (and occasionally a third time) but in fact has transmitted the message to the phone and it has been received? 


There have been several occasions where the phone indicates it could not send a text and I keep hitting the "try again" button (once to the tune of 22 times!) but the recipient of my message does receive the original text (and all subsequent retries)?