Ridiculously Awesome Sound Recording with Video
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Although I was aware that the mic's on the 928 were touted to be better at recording loud music than most other phones out there, I never had a chance to put it to the test.

Last week I was at a small bar and recorded my friends band playing. I was really close to the speakers and they were fairly loud.  I made sure to turn off the sound filter in the recording setting of the video.  Just for comparison, I had my brother record with me on his Razr Maxx. The next morning I played the video back from my phone and plugged in some good earphones.

OMG! No distortion at all!!!  Full clean bass!!!  Full mids and highs!!!  Crisp and Clear!  My brothers sound on his recording was a huge distorted mess! Anyone else have similar experiences?  TI wanna make sure this wasnt just some freak luck with video recording...

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