Rumour has it..1520 Oct 20?
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I can edge up my 822 but REALLY want a 1020 or 1520.  There is rumor that Verizon is releasing the 1520 in Oct.  Any truth to that?@

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Re: Rumour has it..1520 Oct 20?
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You will find out on 10/20. No one knows but Microsoft at this point.

Re: Rumour has it..1520 Oct 20?
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I highly doubt it, the device is over a year old and people were complain when the Icon was releases early this year that it had "last year" specs.

You have links to the 10/20 rumor?

Re: Rumour has it..1520 Oct 20?
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I am with the other two I would look for maybe the 630 or something along that line.  The 1020 is really nice.  Personally I think it is better than the 1520 but I may not be looking at the same things you want.  I have the 822 because it was a 1) good size for me, 2) it did all I wanted and more, 3) it was free.  The last reason was really just icing on the cake.  I looked at the 630, 1520, 1020, and a couple more at a local AT&T store recently and thought the 630 would fit me best.  My kid wanted a 1020 or higher as they want a really good camera, which I don't care too much about.

Even with the latest updates on the cApple phone and my Nokia being a year behind it does not get me lost.  I have had the cApple get me lost so many times it just isn't funny anymore!  I told my wife to not use the cApple as a GPS as she was sure to get lost.