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SIM Error, Texting Broken, Account Sync Continuous

Wife & I each upgraded to an HTC Windows Phone 8X two weeks ago today.  The first 6 days were great, loved the speed of the device, call quality, Live Tiles, etc.  Then came the problems...

My phone was first to start.  "SIM Card Error" popped up when I opened phone from lock screen.  Nothing would work.  I could write a text but the send button does not work.  I received zero texts from others including my wife who showed me the 6+ texts she sent -- her phone appeared to show send was successful.  I shutdown the phone and restarted.  This fixed the SIM error temporarily for about a day.  At that point, I did a factory reset.  Again, this worked for about a day or two and the issues came up again.

Around the time of my factory reset, 10 days into the phones, my wife's phone started up too.  Unlike my phone, neither the shutdown or factory resets fixed her issue.

We returned both phones for 2 brand new out-of-box HTX 8X yesterday.  My phone is working well (24 hours so far) but my wife's new 8X, again, is acting up.

We turned the SMS acknowledgements on.  Today, about 2 out or 3 texts actually make it to me.  She gets no acknowledgements from texts to her friends.  There is no confidence that the texts actually made it to her friends and extended family at this point.

I'm afraid my phone will follow this same path in a few days too.

Love the phone when it's most basic phone features (text, call, email) work.  I fear that we need to return to Android phones at this point just so we know we are connected to the outside world properly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: SIM Error, Texting Broken, Account Sync Continuous

My first 8x completely died out within 24 hours of having it. My second one that I have right now, its been month and a half its working very well. I am even sending text messages to my parents who are out of the country in vacation. From what I have seen this is definitely a software issue. People with Nokia Lumia 920s in AT&T have the same problem and many 8x owners from different countries are reporting the same issues with sending and receiving texts.

I don't know what the problem is with Verizon but we are all waiting for an update from Microsoft called Portico that is supposed to fix these issues. Guess what? T Mobile and AT&T users have both gotten it and we Verizon users are still waiting for ours. Anyways according to T Mobile, they have worked with HTC about this issue, and HTC recommended to turn on/off airplane mode several times a day and this should work around the issue. I guess you have to do that till we Verizon users get the update. So give it a try and see whats happens.

Is your Wife's new 8x phone still getting Sim Card issues? Then try this

1.) Pop out your SIM tray.

2.) Take your SIM card out of the tray.

3.) Place 2-4 pieces of clear tape (Scotch brand or similar) on the back of the SIM card.

4.) Cut the excess tape from around the edges of the SIM card, and put the card back in the tray.

5.) Then put the SIM tray back in the phone

Re: SIM Error, Texting Broken, Account Sync Continuous

There is a problem with many SIM cards that are made of paper. Myself and a number of friends all had the same type of problem you mention on various phones. It seems the paper ones tend to not fit well or "give in" after a while. After each of us managed to get the plastic SIM cards everything worked fine after that. In the meantime, putting a layer of tape on the back of the SIM card corrected the problem as well.