Samsung Brightside Group Text doens't include members

My son has a samsung brightside and complains that the group text function is broken.  when one party of the group text responds all members do not see the response and the group text becomes single threaded between him and each person.  So a group text goes out with 5 recipients, instantly turns into 5 individual conversations with other recipients unable to see who is a part of the group and unable to communicate with the other group members because their numbers are not initially included.

with a smart phone I can control how the "group" message is delivered; individually or with each recipient receiving the other recipients phone numbers too.

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Re: Samsung Brightside Group Text doens't include members
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Help has arrived! I love to group message, so this has to be a little frustrating. Let’s figure this message mystery out. Has he ever been able to group message before where the replies are not 5 individual texts? Here is something that I would like for you to look into. Please go to: Messaging, More, Settings & select Group Messaging. You will be able to select Group Conversation or Individual Conversation. Please make sure it is selected to Group Conversations.

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