Samsung Brightside won't charge correctly?

Hi all,

I recently received my Samsung Brightside about a month ago, and it's been working just fine. Yesterday someone accidentally knocked it off the couch onto tile floor and the battery popped out of the back. Nothing seemed to be damaged, the screen was fine, so I just put the battery back in and went about my business.I saw that it was low in battery before I went to bed so I put it on the charger. When I woke up I unplugged it and hadn't touched it since unplugging it. When I went to check the time a few hours later, the battery was on its last bar. A bit confused, I plugged it up to the charger again for another hour or so. When I went out I took my phone with me but didn't use it. When I got back I looked at the time again and the battery was still on its last bar. I'm not sure what's wrong with it as it was charging just fine before the dropping incident. Did I break something inside the phone, or perhaps the battery? How do I fix this?

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Re: Samsung Brightside won't charge correctly?
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Hello to you KaiRae!

Phones that take a tumble always make me grumble! I always hope for the best as well, but it does seem that something inside may have been disconnected during the fall.

The great news is we should have some options available for you! Do you happen to have phone insurance? If so you can start a claim right here:

If you have an upgrade on your account you can use that too! Just dial #UPG to find out!

We also offer a Certified Preowned Program just in case! You can get more details here:

Keep me posted so we can find the best option!


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