Samsung Brightside won't turn on.

My brightside wont turn on. I have looked at past posts and done everything in them. I have taken the battery out multiple times. Whenever i do this, it just shows the logo for a couple of seconds, but then goes black. One time when i didn't put it on the charger it turned on, beeped like a low battery beep once, then went black.

Heres some history for this. I have only dropped my phone a couple of times, but with the case on. and never in water. this whole turning black problem started today, when it ran out of battery and shut off.

I dont actually know why I'm even posting this because all that will happen is that i will be told to call customer support, which will just tell me to get a new phone. But it worth a try.

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Re: Samsung Brightside won't turn on.
Customer Service Rep

Mtcncbh, I can understand how this situation can be perplexing. From the details you have shared, it sounds like the device is damaged. Do you have insurance on the account? If so, file a claim here: .

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