Samsung Intensity II Broken

I'm having the same problem but my phone was not dropped  by me. I was work and pulled it out to check the time only to find it was not working at all. I need to be able to empty my messages and can't afford to buy a new one any time soon to replace it. How did you fix this problem? If you did that is. Thank you very much for your timg . if you could email me its


Only without the spaces or capitol letter so thank you very much

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Re: Samsung Intensity II Broken
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Have you contacted Verizon to see if they can do anything for you? That is the first place I would start. See if any friends or family have an old phone laying around they are not using you can activate. Mary

Re: Samsung Intensity II Broken
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We are here to help restore life to your Intensity II! What happens when you try to plug it in to the charger? Does it recognize that it is charging at all?Is there any physical or liquid damage to the phone?

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Re: Samsung Intensity II Broken

Yes it charges just fine. Its just that there is no response from the front

buttons when I press them except for the power button. The keys themselves

all light up still though. I tried doing a soft reset then a hard reset to

no avail.

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