Samsung Intensity III (3) Picture Rotate Issue

Hello everyone,

I am having an issue rotating the pictures I take with my Samsung Intensity III phone.  The following is an explanation of my problem.

I took a picture while holding the phone upright so the picture shows up sideways when i view it in "My Pictures".  Naturally, I want to rotate the picture so that I can use it for a contact image.  When I select the picture and view possible options, two options jump out as possible solutions.  These options are Zoom/Rotate and Edit.  First, I tried Zoom/Rotate.

Zoom/Rotate:  This function allows me to rotate the image using the middle phone button, or zoom in or out using the volume buttons on the side of the phone.  Rotating in this mode preserves the image aspect ratio and does not stretch the image, which is very desirable for me.  HOWEVER, there does not seem to be any way to save the image in this mode.  Am I missing something?  Can I save photos that I zoom in on or rotate using the Zoom/Rotate option?

Edit -> Rotate/Flip:  When I choose the edit option and then choose rotate/flip, I end up at a screen that gives me 3 options.  These options are to flip vertically, flip horizontally, or rotate 90 degrees.  There are two problems here.  The option SAYS rotate 90 degrees but each time I select it, it only seems to rotate the image about 10 degrees.  Additionally, the aspect ratio is not preserved and the image gets stretched when rotated.  This option DOES have a save feature, which I guess is a step up from the Zoom/Rotate option.

My two questions are:
1) Can I save a picture I have edited in the Zoom/Rotate option?
2) Can I rotate an image under edit -> rotate/flip without stretching the image?


I want to rotate a picture while preserving the aspect ratio, is there anyway to do this on the Samsung Intensity III?

Thank you in advance for your time and help with this issue,


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Re: Samsung Intensity III (3) Picture Rotate Issue
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Hello Allen!  Sounds like you've gone through a number of steps to try and edit and save your picture!  You are correct, "rotate and flip"  gives you an option to save the edited changes. However, "zoom and rotate" is for viewing purposes only.  Have you tested with taking the picture in "landscape" mode, instead of the portrait/upright position?  Let me know.

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Re: Samsung Intensity III (3) Picture Rotate Issue
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I tried to start a new discussion but I keep getting there is no subject Samsung Intensity III.   (FYI)  My Samsung has the camera "stuck" in landscape mode.  In fact, it won't go into mode-just camera and video.  I would much rather it were stuck in "portrait."  I had the same problem with rotating, but even when I rotate and save, it reverts to landscape.  Not fun.