Samsung Intensity III won't pair with Plantronics 245

I have a Samsung Intensity III that will not pair with a Plantronics 245 unless I can correctly answer "Is device code ****** correct?" check yes or no.  The passcode I have, it is 0000 just like for every other device.  I know the manufacturer serial, model and passcode numbers for the headset, but S-I-III does not want those.   I can never guess what the heck these people want from me.  No "device code" is discussed anywhere that I can find, much less one that changes every time I try to pair the same device.  I waited a LONG time for service on recovering my contacts.  By the tiime I gave up on the phone, live chat had gone to bed back east.  All I originally wanted to do was download my contact list to my phone, but there is apparently no way to do that or even ask the question at verizon's website.  I had a few offers to chat about buying something new but nobody wants to talk about what I already bought!

I have reset the phone.  That did not work. 

I have followed the generic instructions for Samsung.  That did not work.

I have contacted Verizon and searched their pairing instructions, but those instructions do not include either the Intensity III or the Plantronics 245 or even a sympathy card.  So, that did not work, either.

Tomorrow I go sit at the Verizon store and hope one of them recognizes the devises and can pair them.  (I will pack breakfast and lunch)  Then it would be nice to get my contact list back because Verizon only includes online instructions on moving customer data onto a new phone or from the handset to the cloud, no recovery instructions from backup or Cloud to the handset that I could find.

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