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I have a HTC One M8 (Windows Version). Can someone advise why suddenly this thing is unreliable? It freezes constantly, whenever I need to use it I do a soft reset first (sending text messages, checking email, placing a phone call). I have icons that vanish from my home screen.

Also I have tried to backup it up, but it doesn't appear the Verizon Cloud will allow me to back everything on my device nor will One Drive as I am assuming I need to do the factory reset but am trying to not lose everything.

Last, can someone confirm how to remotely check voicemail? Previously you used * to put in your pass code, however, this doesn't appear to work any longer.

I apologize for this being so long, but I am not sure what I am paying for.

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To remotely check your voicemail, you dial your own phone number from another phone and press the # symbol to interrupt your greeting.

Retrieve Voice Mail Messages | Verizon Wireless

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