So grandma got ripped off at verizon... nothing they can do?

So grandma's screen broke and she needed a phone to use for 3 months until her upgrade was available.  I offered her my old phone but I would have had to mail it.  She wanted her a phone for safety right away.  In the VERIZON store they convinced/conned her into a new two year contract with a basic phone for only $100.  Now she has to pay for two lines and has one crappy phone. Why in the world would she need a two year contract for a basic phone only to get her by until upgrade eligibllity in 3 months?  Answer SHE DOESN'T.  If you are signing a two year contract get a decent phone, for my family thats apple, but for others maybe Driods.  DO NOT waste your upgrade  with a basic phone.  RIPPED OFF Grandma.

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Well we sign 2yr contracts but the 3 of us do not get apple or droids, cant afford them or the data costs that go with so we get basic phones. Next time have her ask around to friends if they have an old verizon phone sitting unused she could borrow. I have 3 flip phones here I keep for spares in case one of our phones break. Friend recently bought a used one cheap on ebay to get by until upgrade time. Another option is if there is a free cycle group on yahoo groups for your area can post and see if anyone has an verizon phone they don't want and you get it free. Mary

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Did this just happen? She has 14 days to return and cancel the second line. There will be a $35 restocking fee, however.

In all fairness, your grandma is the one who didn't want to wait for you to mail your phone, and she is the one who went into the store and signed the contract. Since mailing a phone only takes a few days, it sounds to me like she wanted a new phone now. So saying Verizon ripped off your grandma is a stretch.

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Also why is she paying for 2 lines if she only has one phone?  Oh they talked her into adding a line to get a new phone now then in 3 months she can use the upgrade on her line?  Sounds like she was impatient and didn't ask any family to help her sort all this out.  As said if she just did this she can get out.  Since we were not there we have no way of knowing what she said to the sales rep that let them to tell her to do that either so we are only hearing one side of the story.   It's easy to say don't use your uprade for a cheap basic phone but not every one can afford smart phones and the costs that come with it.  Mary