Software Update on Fathom (VS750) to Version VZ7 Failing

I've got a Fathom at VZ5 (which I updated from VZ4 last year).  VZ7 is available, but I cannot get the update to work.


I'm running Win XP/PRO-SP3.


If I leave the Fathom's USB set to Active-Sync, launching the LGMobile Update tool does not find the device connected and pops a bunch of windows asking me to select a carrier and then device to load the USB drivers. (these drivers were already loaded but it's asking anyway). The load process takes a long time, and when we finally get through all the drivers, it still does not show the device connected (despite active-sync being connected to the device throughout this process). It keeps popping more "load the USB drivers" windows.


If I set the Fathom's USB to DUN mode, the LGMobile update tool will find the dev ice connected and let me launch the "Start Update" process. This then checks the device and, after checking to see if the LG PC-Sync program is running, reports that update is not supported for this device.


I have the .pdf directions from the page -- they don't work.


Anyone gotten it to work?  I could use some guidance.




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