Status for the WP8.1 update
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The Nokia site (Availability in North America - Nokia) lists the 8.1 update as being in testing by Verizon for the Lumia 928.  Can we get an update on how long testing is expected to take?  Or at least a confirmation that there is true intent to release the update?  I know it showed the same status back in July (and the update had been available awhile even back then).

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Re: Status for the WP8.1 update
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Typically, Verizon doesn't give status updates on when firmware updates will be available.  Most times, they don't do much more than post a page under the phone information page.

Re: Status for the WP8.1 update

You can get 8.1 on your phone through the Windows Developer Preview.  However, what you can't get is the firmware update CYAN which is what everyone is really wants.

I filed an fcc complaint against verizon for lack of updates.  They called me within a week or so.  According to the person who called me, Verizon didn't receive the actual cyan update from nokia until this month.  They said that all of the rumors of them having it since July are just rumors.  They are expecting to have it tested and released sometime in the 4th quarter of this year.

All that said, I just don't buy it.  I recommend everyone with a Verizon Windows phone other than the HTC One M8 that comes with 8.1 should file an fcc complaint.  At least let them know that their customers are fed up with always being the last to get updates while lesser providers take care of business.  Verizon also screwed me with updates on the Droid Bionic when I had it.  I don't see anything changing.