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Tango update broke my phone.

Hey guys,

I recently received update 8773, or Tango, and my phone is now broken. Let me start off by telling you a little bit of the history. My phone was buttery smooth pre-Mango. Received Mango and my phone then proceeded to become slightly slow, but nothing terrible. Then Verizon pushed out a firmware update I believe with the 8017 update, aka the keyboard fix I believe. After that update my phone began to randomly reboot itself. At first it didn't happen often but then gradually it started to occur up to 5 times a day. At that point I tried to hard reset the phone to try and fix it but after resetting it twice my phone kept on bugging out. So anyway Tango rolled around last week and after I updated, my phone randomly turned off. It also was not responding when I tried to push the power button. It would take a couple of presses but eventually it would start. So today I got around to hard resetting my phone to see if it would help at all, and since then my phone has basically become a paperweight. The power button does not work, you CAN NOT let the phone fall asleep, and if you do you have to pop the battery and reinsert it for the phone to turn on. I am going to go to Verizon tomorrow after work and hopefully they can give me a replacement. Has anyone had this experience? This phone is a year old and is in pristine condition. I kid you not this phone has never been dropped and has lived in its case since the 8th day I bought it, I had to weight for ground shipping.

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Re: Tango update broke my phone.

I'm not expert, but I have seen similar issues with other phones that have a physical buttons, like the power button on our Trophys, that over time seem to wear out, for lack of a better term. It sounds to me like an issue with the power button itself, not the OS. Hopefully the kind folks at VZW will exchange for you. It's not like they have a shortage of these phones Smiley Happy Good luck!

Re: Tango update broke my phone.

FWIW, I had trouble getting the HTC Trophy to accept the lastest update. On the 3rd try the person agreed to replace it "free" except for overnight charge. The replacement took the update 1st time and now I am fully restored.

Now happy as a bug in a rug.....