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Terrible salespeople in Seattle

I went into the Verizon store in Seattle on 4th ave earlier this week.  Salesman comes up to me, I tell him I am interested in the Nokia 928 that was recently released.  He asked what phone I had, and I told him I had a dumbphone.  Actually, I am a Windows phone user, and carry a Nokia 920, as well as a few other Nokia Winphones.

While he went to the back to get a "demo" phone, I looked around the store.  Even though the 928 is a highly advertised phone, it is nowhere to be found on display.  Soon, the guy comes back with the "only" 928 in the store.  It's not a demo, but one reserved for a customer. So I couldn't turn it on, play with it, etc.

I commented that the phone is slick.  He asked me what I do with a phone, I simply answered "everything."  Then, he whips out a Samsung GIV, and tells me this is the best phone on the market, and I should buy that instead of the 928.

This, coming from a guy who works in a phone store.  I seriously doubt his use case is the same as mine. He would have actually learned that if he asked me about it.  He never asked me if I was invested in the MS ecosystem.  Am I an Office user?  Do I have an Outlook account?   Do I play games on my phone?  Do I care about having the latest and greatest fad apps?   None of that.  He simply assumes, because he likes his Galaxy, that it's a fit for everyone.

My suggestion?  Train your salespeople.  Teach them the benefits of the various platforms, and stop blindly selling something based on your own needs.  Learn to ask questions.  Learn what your users actually need instead of assuming that they too are hourly wage employees in a retail shop.

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Re: Terrible salespeople in Seattle
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None of what you posted makes him a terrible salesperson nor does it say anything about anyone other than him.

Re: Terrible salespeople in Seattle
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le sigh, why must you be such a typical windows phone forum troll?

It's not the salesperson's fault that VzW only gave him one Lumia 928 for the whole store, and it's reserved for someone. And, he's a salesperson, he's paid on commission, of COURSE he tried to sell you on a product he had in stock. If he doesn't try, he personally makes $0 off you because he DOES NOT have the product you are asking for available to sell. If he tries, maybe every once in a while he'll succeed, and that's money in his pocket that he CANNOT make if he doesn't try.

If you want to blame someone, blame Verizon for putting the poor salesperson in a situation where instead of getting a sure-thing sale (you came into his store to buy the Lumia 928, right?) and make a commission, he instead got stuck in a no-win situation due to their stocking decisions. It's Verizon's fault, plain and simple.