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Text grouping for HTC 8x

I have seen some other posts on this thread.  I received an 8X on Friday and had to return it on Monday.  I use texting to collaborate on ideas with other developers, and to carry on comments with family members.  According to HTC, Verizon specifically ordered the grouping of texts feature turned off.  An 8X at other carriers contains this feature, as does my HTC Trophy.  This is a very important feature for me.

I need a Windows phone to test program development.  The Customer Service rep made it very clear to me.  It is Verizon's policy to have the text message grouping OFF, and it WILL NOT be restored.  To do so only requires a firmware update ( done wirelessly ), but unlike every other phone they carry, Verizon will not make this available.  Not one CS could explain why, and all media inquiries on the topic have gone unanswered for the past 2+ months.

I really don't want to move to another service, but like all the other people who have shared comments on various forums on this very topic, I need a Windows phone, and I need the grouping feature.

No, there are no workarounds.   Several support people have tried.  In fact, the rep at HTC actually had both the ATT and Verizon phones in front of her, and the ATT version has it installed while Verizon does not. 

I hope this clarifies all of the questions that have been asked here.  Whoever made the decision when requesting the build is not budging on this subject, and there is apparently no hope of a resolution.  The same feature was turned off in the Lumia ( though it is available on the Trophy ).

I'm really sad because I don't want to move from Verizon, and I really liked the phone, but the end result is that my business must come first.

Message was edited by: Tim S  Would Verizon like to elaborate on this situation ?

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Re: Text grouping for HTC 8x
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That is because Verizon offers Verizon Messages

My guess is Verizon doesn't want to be left out from popular free message apps such as WhatsApp, facebook app or other similar ones which are replacing standard text messages, so Verizon had to find a new way to make money by making their customers suffer more

There is no VM app in the Windows store but there is one in the Google play store. You can take a look at it to see how it works