Texting Issue with Pantech Hot Shot

I also have this issue and my phone is unburdened of apps and photos.  Of the 255.92 Mb of memory total, I have 212.56 Mb free.  I should be able to store a heck of a lot of text messages on that but I still get the "Text Msg Memory Low" error.  What is the deal?

Just to be clear, I also have a Pantech Hotshot.

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Re: Texting Issue with Pantech Hot Shot
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Hi brescia3701,

I understand your concerns regarding memory on your phone. While 212.56MB is a lot of memory for storing text messages, your phone's memory will be used for other features on your phone as well and is not exclusive for storing text messages. I recommend deleting any large messaging threads in order to avoid the low memory error outlined in your post. You can also forward your messages to your email for a permanent copy of your important messages before you delete them. Have a great day!

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