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This is the year Microsoft fights back...

The above article touches on a few things.  First, let's talk about 2011 Q4 Performance:

Microsoft (earnings jump and beat expectations):

Google (shares tank and profits are short):

Um Kay - I would say that Microsoft is off to a good start for 2012 and is, so far, starting to fight back.  WP7 Mango was a good start in 2011.  The Nokia relationship was a good start in 2011.  Aligning phone, XBox, notebook, netbook, tablet, and PC operating systems with Windows 8 is (IMO) the best idea yet.  Check out the Windows 8 Preview site below and have a look at the Windows 8 Preview PDF that can be downloaded.  It is very impressive.  (And for those who don't like the METRO look,you can flip your PC, notebook, netbook or tablet back to the Windows 7 format with the touch of the START button!)

Closing comment is in regards to the portion of the "Microsoft Fights Back" article that references Verizon's lack of interest in the Windows Phone.  Considering that the Droid runs on much of the same HTC and Samsung hardware that is available for the Windows Phone, I would say that VZW has again been caught talking out of their backside.  What VZW should be doing is working with HTC and Samsung on some WP7 devices and should consider the relationship that Microsoft has with Nokia as potentially profitable (if not more) as the Android / Nexus device offering.

...and it would probably go a long way for Microsoft to tell all of their carriers that KIN was a huge screw up, that they apologize, and that they will come up with some sort of concession for the vendors who carried the KIN.  Yes, MS should check thier ego at the door and admit that the KIN and a few other decisions were really bad decisions.  Retrospectivly, it is clear that MS also had a major part in being slow to market with a good phone and tablet.

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Re: This is the year Microsoft fights back...

Kin was a Microsoft/Verizon/Sharp venture that Verizon ultimately ruined with smartphone pricing of a "feature phone" for young adults expecting $14.99 all you can eat messaging/data plans. Everyone knew WP7 was coming and that ultimately smartphones would attract larger and larger audiences. We'

The fact that Verizon tried to sell and market those devices as they did is proof positive of their ineptitude and lack of understanding customers.

Re: This is the year Microsoft fights back...
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

well there's definitely some room for them to eat in to the market, with the demise of blackberry....but i think the most relevant comment above is that they were too slow to the market with quality mobile devices and an OS. as long as their available apps continue to grow, then they should continue to increase their share of the market. they can target the business user and go after blackberry users, but to gain the true masses, they will need an app store the size of apple and google. that's what the kids like.