This isn't a question. It's a comment.

Let me start off by saying that the young lady on the Verizon Support Chat did all she could and this is no reflection on her.

Now, that said. I received my Nokia Lumina Today. It's set up with one small problem. Backup Assistant Plus...which is a Verizon app...does not work. Period. And from what I've read in this support group and online, it is a problem well known by Verizon. Here's my suggestion guys. Verizon should not be selling Windows Phones until such time as they make the transfer of data from an old phone to a Windows phone SEAMLESS.

I backed up all my information...contacts, messages, photos, etc. to the Verizon Cloud. There's one little problem. The ICON has no access to the Verizon cloud in terms of being able to pull back any of the data stored there. So, what's the freakin' point. The only thing that allegedly can be transferred is Contacts. And that requires an app...a VERIZON app...Backup Assistant Plus...that DOES NOT WORK.

I'm going into the Verizon Store in my area tomorrow to replace this useless device. I need a device that allows me to do all things I could do on my old Android phone...Samsung Galaxy S3. I now have a device...and it's a DEVICE...not simply a phone...Verizon sells DEVICES....that I cannot access my work email from, I have no contacts, I have none of my old data....NOTHING. It's USELESS.

And while I ordered this phone online, I had spent significant time in a Verizon store talking to a salesman. I bought the phone online, was NOT IN STOCK. The FIRST the 25+ years that I've been a Verizon customer, that a phone was not in stock. WORSE, the salesman didn't know it was not in stock. If I had not noticed that he retrieved the wrong phone, he would have sold me something I didn't want. continue...he was not transparent about the backup issues surrounding this phone. He told me a bunch of lies regarding the cloud and neglected to be direct about the incompatibility with the Verizon Cloud  and a WINDOWS phone.

I'm taking this piece of junk back tomorrow. I fully expect to have by the end of tomorrow a fully functional new model phone of MY choosing.

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Yea, I've written on this before too.  Verizon's Backup Assistant should be renamed to "Hindrance."  What I do is take the old device and have it back the data up to a computer or to the internet.  Then when I get the new device, just sync up with wherever I put the data.  Activesync works quite well.


VBA is terrible...  No matter what platform.  It's very hit or miss on all of them.  They need better developers.

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A properly trained Verizon employee or one search with Bing would have informed you to use the Windows Phone app ‘TRANSFER MY DATA’.  It uses a Bluetooth link to transfer your contacts, messages, and pictures (see app for details) to your Windows Phone.  Used it when I moved my wife’s and my data (contacts and messages) from our “useless” Droids to our Lumia Icons, a great phone with an awesome camera!!