Time to end the Verizon / Microsoft Family Feud!!!!!!!!!
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VZX, I know you probably don't care but if you don't carry the Lumia 940 / 940xl when it comes out, im gone.

I've had enough of you and Microsoft acting like little children, kiss and make-up and sell some latest Windows phones!

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Its not a feud. WP simply doesn't have enough users to make it a priority for Verizon. Exact same situation with BlackBerry. If those operating systems had bigger market shares we'd see more phones offered by Verizon.

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I did actually get to the bottom of the issue simply sending emails to Consumer affairs at VZX and MSFT.  Verizon responded stating that 1Q 2015 they simply ran out of stock with the Lumia phones and in a weird move, simply removed the phones from the site instead of tagging them "out of stock". Microsoft did in fact verify the same story. Seems that with the dawn of Windows 10, VZX decided to wait for the new phones to come later this year HOWEVER, VZX still orders phones based on the single digit market share MSFT has so any new lumia phones will probably run out of stock. I dont believe that VZX expected to sell out of the windows phones this year. Seems that VZX tossed the Lumia 735 onto the site June 22 so the are still playing nice together. Its funny that when you search any blogs on the net, they have several conspiracy theories as to a "bad blood" between the two. SO, I am sure the new 900 series Lumias will pop up on the VZX radar soon!