To: VZW ... Why should I continue service with you?
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Why should I, my family, friends, or those associated with the company I own or the IC's I interact with continue paying you? Your customer service is"double speak"or non-helpful, I have been met with disdain when I hold you to your end of a contract, i.e. replacement under warranty and dismissal, on the phone and in person, when I ask about windows phones and windows phone upgrades.

If you are having trouble with the Cyan and windows 8.1 updates then inform your customers of the status. Though from my understanding you have had ample time and access to the upgrades, which leads me to believe that you either lack vision or are incompetent. I am aware you are having a troubles with the FCC in regards to your network data restrictions which is also giving you a public image problem causing your stock to dip a bit. Your track record with your customers cannot be helping either.

So in short, why should I use your company, promote use of your company, or buy/keep any stock in your company?

Thank you for your time.

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