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Over the last several months you have repeatedly stated in this communities forum's that you do not have the Windows 8.1 update. However if you have even done your research before replying and read Microsoft's website (, states that updates has been released to the carriers. Even on your website ( yall specifically state "Release Date: July 15th, 2014". Then beyond that you insult us on multiple forums by stating " We do not know when, or if any update will be available for any of our phones in the future regardless of other carriers software versions...". Yet if you continue reading down your page (listed above) under top question " When will the Windows Phone 8.1 update be available for my Windows Phone device?" You state "Windows Phone 8.1 is already installed on some new Windows Phone devices. If your device is running Windows Phone 8, you’ll receive a notification on your device when the update is available for you to install. You can also regularly check the Advanced Devices – Software Updates page to see if the Windows 8.1 update is available for your device."

This idiocracy that you have shown us shows that you have a blatant disregard for your loyal and paying customers. We just tired of hearing the blanket statement "However, to find any news alerts on any new software, please visit here". If we wanted to read about your community involvement we would read you news page but no we are specifically asking for a time table on about when we could see an update for our phones. If you do not have that information please upchannel this request to your tech services and upper management. I can promise you that if you don't bring something to the table soon, eventually somehow somewhere bad customer service reviews will start popping up in the press. And you will then start losing your customer base, from which you won't recover.

-Matt H.

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You really think those M***** actually read these?  They have proven multiple times they don't AND they don't care!

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Yep. Verizon is a lying no good (removed) company! Even Microsoft's website says it- IN BOLD LETTER! Nokia Lumia Icon - Software Update and Downloads - Microsoft - USA

They are pure evil. I've been with them for 19 (removed) years! Why? Why? As soon as my contract ends, I'm switching.

Rich A

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