Transferring contacts from Nokia Lumia 822 to a new Nokia Lumia 822

As suggested by the phone insurance provider, I went to before activating my new device. Backup Assistant seemed to work fine on the old device. Got the new device activated, went to transfer my contacts with backup assistant, and it is telling me "Sorry there was a problem accessing Backup Assistant Plus. Please try again later." When it says this, I receive a text from Verizon with a Backup Assistant Pin to sync my contacts using Backup Assistant. What am I doing wrong, and how can I sync the contacts to my new device? Thank you!

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Like styllles said, using a hotmail/live/ account is a much better way to keep your contacts backed up and in sync. The Verizon backup app is problematic at best, a disaster at worst (which is the norm in my experience). When you set up one of those free Microsoft email accounts you will be prompted to include contacts and calendar along with email. Check all the boxes so everything is synced to the account. Then when you set up that account on a new device all your info is automatically and instantly on the new device. Easy peasy.

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If you signed in with the same Microsoft account your contacts should automatically download to you new phone