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Trophy Update Shuts off Computer

I am having a major issue in getting my Trophy to update to OS version 7.10.8107.79. When I connect the phone to my laptop, Zune recognizes that the phone has an update available. During the backup process, the computer abruptly powers off as if it had no battery and the plug was yanked out of the wall. This happened with the last OS update, but after a few attempts it eventually successfully updated. I did nothing to the computer or phone to make that happen. Each time it happened during the backup process. There is plenty of space on my HD available for backup. My laptop never does this any other time, and I do not have issues synching the phone or adding files. This only happens during an OS update.

Here is the relevant PC and phone information:


Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, 32 bit

Dell Studio 1535 Laptop

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, T9300 @ 2.5 ghz

4GB installed RAM


HTC Trophy mwp6985

Windows Phone 7.5

OS version 7.10.7740.16

Firmware rev. 2305.13.20110.605

Hardware rev. 0003

If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Re: Trophy Update Shuts off Computer
Customer Support

Hello bbp55,

Thank you for sharing your software concerns with the community. This is certainly an unusual situation and I can understand that you want to prevent this from happening again. Let's get this taken care of. First, I'm glad to see that the software has been successfully updated on your device. May I ask is there any physical or liquid damage on your laptop or the Trophy? Also, have you completed all of the patches and OS updates on the computer? If not then I would encourage you to do so. If the issue is persistent in future software updates for the Trophy then I would suggest reaching out to Microsoft as they created the operating system to both the phone and the computer. Their contact number is 866-724-8856.

Thank you...

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Re: Trophy Update Shuts off Computer
I think you misread my post. I am UNABLE to apply the latest update. The computer shuts off during the process.  There is no liquid damage to either device.  I have the latest update installed on my laptop for Windows 7.