Unwanted Robo Calls
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On my home phone (Comcast) I have the capability of stopping Robo Calls in their tracks.  AT&T now offers that on Mobile.  Why cant I get that on my Verizon phone?

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Re: Unwanted Robo Calls
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We understand that these types of calls can be a nuisance, JSFNPS. We do offer options for call blocking. http://spr.ly/6589DGIU5

 Additionally, through our Caller Name ID service, there is afeature to help with spam detection. Please refer to number 1 under "Spam detection" to learn more about this option. http://spr.ly/6580DGIUg



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Re: Unwanted Robo Calls
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Click below for article from Attorney General Office. If the 4 major cell phone companies don't start offering better Robo call blocking for their customers, then possibly, they will be forced to. 

AG Ferguson calls on phone carriers to offer call-blocking technology to customers | Washington Stat... 

Unacceptable that 'AndreaS_VZW' Verizon support stated "We do offer options for call blocking." Really? (5) 'free' block numbers per line, temporarily? I get 5 Robo calls a week sometimes. Yes, my number has been registered with DoNotCall since 2006. I just checked registry again tonight after getting 2 calls in a row.

Increase in Robo calls in last 3 months. Time for us all that are fed up and annoyed to file FCC complaint against not only the number/place that called our line, but to add Verizon into the complaint as well. The above link provides information on how to file a claim. I just did, join me?

Re: Unwanted Robo Calls

Why in the heck is there not an autoattendant feature for one phone line so we can stop those damn robocalls.  Seriously, what business are you in Verizon.  I've heard your competitors are now offering some sort of robo call protection.  Perhaps I need to look them up.  Get your !@#$ together or lose my business