Updated Trophy, powered overnight on charger - black screen next morning

I updated my Trophy, then plugged it into the charger overnight. The next morning, I have a black screen with 3 thin blue/green lines & what looks like a crack in the screen in the form of a white irregular line - but the glass is intact. The phone seems to work, I did a restore to the last backup & it completed successfully. Tried taking the battery out to completely power down, tried doing a restart - no luck. Went by the Verizon store & immediately "Its cracked." I keep it in a case, the condition is immaculate even though I've had it for 8 months or so. Any opinions on whether I should keep trying stores for a different opnion, or just bite the bullet & do an insurance claim? Although I'm tempted to just apply the $$ to the breakup fee & kiss Droidzon goodbye.

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