Upgrading to Basic to Smart....
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So, my family decided to get smartphones (all of them), and we've hit a few snags along the way.

We don't use any data at all. Do we need to switch over to a data-included plan in order to complete the upgrade? If so, will it cost any more?

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Re: Upgrading to Basic to Smart....
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The link below will give you an idea of what you will pay...


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Re: Upgrading to Basic to Smart....

Hey Good Deal it's nice that you all was able to step up or are going to  be  stepping up with the purchase of a Smartphone! but with any Smartphone.. no matter the style) Android, iPhone or BlackBerry Verizon requires the Line or Lines to have some kind of Data Plan attached with them..

Now as you mentioned you wouldn't use that much there are choices you can  choose from they start with the 2GB's up to 10GB's plans or you can choose the Data shared Plan this plan allows many device choices.. Phones, Tablets, and other devices that Verizon offers..

One thing to keep in mind if your kids love to Text I would Choose a Plan that has Unlimited Talk & Text then choose a Data plan that best suits your needs you can make adjustments on the Data plans just be  aware that any adjustments) Verizon will pro-rate the adjustment for  month you make the change) I like to make adjustments after my bill has  fully Cycled as in  doing that the changes are not as scary as when you  do another time in  the month..

Hope this helps in your Choices.. Enjoy the PhonesSmiley Happy  b33

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