Use GPS in France?

We're old, retired, US folks who just acquired a Nokia 928 for our first Smartphone.

We're going to France in early October, and am considering using this phone in place of the rental car provided GPS (sat/nav), but don't have any idea how much "data" will be required to use the phone's GPS. Can anyone give me some feedback .... for the 928 or similar Nokia phones.

Verizon sells 100 MB for $25. I estimate we'll be driving for a total of 15 hours, most of it on freeways well outside of Paris.

Thanks, RogerDub

ps - I have downloaded the Paris and Normandy maps.

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Use GPS in France?
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If you have pre-downloaded the maps, I would think that data would not be required.

Re: Use GPS in France?
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Hey there RogerDub,

That's awesome your taking a trip to France. I've heard its beautiful this time of year. I know you'll be in unfamiliar territories so a GPS would be helpful.  There really isn't a way to determine how much data is going to be used.  It really depends on how long you use it for and such.  If using it for 15 hours it could use a significant amount of data.

Depending on how much the rental car GPS is, I would recommend using that to make your costs as low as possible.

Let us know if you need additional assistance.

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