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VZW is challenging our IQ

currently, lumia 822 is on the market, and it's sale at same price as lumia 920

what do u want to do VZW? shame our IQ?

did u guys tried those phones at microsoft store, 920 is the only choice

i'm so <Deleted> angry! we pay more than others, and we get poor phones!!!poor!!!do u understand? shabby phones,and we feel shabby when i pickup those shabby phones, like 822!!!<Deleted>!!!shabby

<Post edited to comply with the for language.>

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Re: VZW is challenging our IQ
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you do realize that at&t has exclusive rights to the 920 for 6 months. That's not Verizon's fault blame at&t and especially Nokia.

Re: VZW is challenging our IQ
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Can't forget to add Verizon spends more on their network per year than the top 2-5 carriers combined. So there are a less dead spots for Verizon. AT&T wants you to buy the hot phones over taking care of their network. Verizon would rather work on their network. Personally I'd give up the "hot" phone for more network uptime and reliability. If I didn't travel a lot I'd probably be with T-Mobile, but alas their network is poor 2 miles away from my house and a lot of areas where I do field work.

Re: VZW is challenging our IQ
Sr. Member

I have to admit I am a little puzzled by the reaction to your inability to get the 920. The new Windows mobile OS is nice for what it is, but it is hardly worth the reaction presented here. Also, with all due respect, Verizon Wireless has not provided its customers with only the lowest end phones. While I am on the SIII currently, HTC is releasing the DNA, which has been heralded as being one of the best smartphones in the market (cnet and a variety of customers who have already received it).