Verizon CEO: Windows Phone To Beat BlackBerry
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VZW maybe if you add more WP7 devices to your line up you can speed up the ecosystem and place WP7 as the third  platform :smileyhappy:


You can't just sit there and watch the other carriers enjoy customer satisfaction with WP7 without participating :smileyhappy:

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Re: Verizon CEO: Windows Phone To Beat BlackBerry

I am surprised by CEO comments, first he said that Windows Phone 7 is not innovative enough and now has changed his tune to say it could be part of the top 3 players.  It is really sad CEO has no clue of what Windows Phone 7 brings to the table with its refreshing, unique and effective metro interface. 


Last year I jumped from Verizon to ATT just for the WP7, and am a happy camper.  This year if I dont see any interest by Verizon on WP7 Mango  am moving my wife to ATT and get the Samsung Focus S.  Goodbye Verizon !!!

Re: Verizon CEO: Windows Phone To Beat BlackBerry
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Yeah - VZW Chief hasn't a clue.  He screwed up Kin, and got mad at Microsoft and took his toys and went home, and now he's backpedalling since Windows Phone (NOT WINDOWS MOBILE) is doing better than he figured.  What a dolt.


BTW - does anyone else wonder how long the ad on the right side of the page is going to call it a "Tropy"?