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Verizon Customer Service

First off I am a new customer and have not received my order because they order is messed up because of the customer service representative who decided he wanted to switch my order to his personal liking. Here it is 4 days later and 4 customer service agents and my order is still not fixed. Instead of trying to accommodate a new customer and fix the ongoing issue I was told just cancel your account. Its already been paid in full and no contact at all from this company.

If SPRINT had a better connection in my area I would definitely go with them over this after conducting intensive research people’s choice that Sprint's customer service is #1 which I agree my work phone is through Sprint although service is spotty they take pride in helping the customer. Verizon ranked 5 out of most major carriers that is pretty sad considering the small market for cellular providers. Can some shed some light on this have they had a similar issue not with just being a new customer but with the overall interaction process when dealing with Verizon?

Oh and by the way I was informed by numerous service representatives in the local store that military gets a discount on the entire bill not just one line. The customer service representative (CSR) on the internet chat said that was inaccurate information. It is in fact on only one line of service so I printed out the document and brought it in to verify and the store manager informed me that person was an idiot. Therefore I went home and made contact again this time with a live CSR and they informed me that it was off the entire bill at a rate of 15%. Pretty funny I would love to see their training methodology and how they training a new CSR. Apparently it is not efficient and low class training you can call 20 times and I can bet you a dollar to a donut hole you will get 13 different perspectives on the issue.

Can someone shed a light on this issue or is it always like this…

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Re: Verizon Customer Service
Specialist - Level 2

I don't know about military but every one I know that gets a discount through work gets it for the primary line only. That's how it has always been for us. Would be curious to know if military gets it off the whole bill. Mary

Re: Verizon Customer Service
Enthusiast - Level 3

I have had some similar issues with verizon customer service...It seems none of their reps know their butts from a hole in the ground..I have issues with my account cause I have repeatedly been lied to by Customer Service. I have been with the company two months...have had two different devices and today had to send the second device out to be fixed after it malfunctioned less then two weeks from the date I got frustrated with the shitty call centers that verizon uses to take their calls. The corporate offices really should reconsider which call centers they are using.