Verizon Customer Services Windows Phone Problems

Hard to believe, I am a long time Verizon Customer and went to Verizon this afternoon with problems with my Windows 8.1 smart phone, after an hour at the store on the phone with Tech Support all I got was we do not have any idea what is causing the problem with your phone, (not recognizing contact for one thing) and all they could say there was not anything they could do, sorry.

Is this how Verizon treats their long time customers, and they wonder why people leave for other carriers. 

My friends say just wait for the phone to completely die seeing its under warranty and go back to the store, wasting another hour with Verizon Tech.  and when my contract expires price other carriers, being sure to research how their customer services are also. 

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Re: Verizon Customer Services Windows Phone Problems

Sadly you will see the same effect. Ultimately it's the responsibility of manufacturers to take care of their product.

Re: Verizon Customer Services Windows Phone Problems
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Have you done a hard reset of the phone?  If not got to Settings tap on about and tap on rest your phone.

Before you do a hard rest make sure in Settings tap backup and make sure everything is turned on.