Verizon Lumia Cyan/Windows 8.1 Update... When?
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Verizon you are falling behind your competition. AT&T seems to be the only US carrier to have released the Lumia Cyan update, yet one of US's largest cell phone company's (Verizon Wireless) can't seem to keep their phones up to date.  Now talks about Lumia Denim update are circling...

April 2, 2014 (Windows 8.1)

Cortana (yes!) and Many, Many Other Great Features coming in Windows Phone 8.1

April 2, 2014 (AT&T and Windows 8.1)

AT&T Among First to Bring Windows Phone 8.1 to Consumers | AT&T

July 15, 2014 (Lumia Cyan Firmware and Windows 8.1)

All-new Windows Phone experience: Lumia Cyan update - Conversations : now part of Microsoft

Early October 2014

Availability in North America - Nokia - All AT&T phones have the Lumia Cyan update available.

It is now October 6, 2014

Verizon Wireless now carries Samsung ATIV SE and the HTC One (M8) both running Windows Phone 8.1...

The jig is up... Windows Phone 8.1 is already running on your network, I think you can conclude your "testing". We all know you were buying Apple time to release their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 crap I mean Plus. AT&T managed both updating their Nokia Lumia's and marketing the iPhone... Step up your game Verizon...

How much longer is Verizon Wireless going to alienate it's current Nokia Lumia customer base? How about an official Verizon Wireless statement? Release Date?

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Given the LUMIA Windows 8.1 status web site shows that all CDMA Carriers are in Under Test mode, and Under Test can mean anything from carrier, FCC, or Microsoft still doing testing, this may not actually be a Verizon problem.

The silence from ALL CDMA Carriers listed who are ALL in Under Test status may very well be due to a possible GAG order in their agreements with Microsoft that prevents them from stating publicly they are waiting on Microsoft/Nokia. And this might be a grandfathered Nokia contract issue that Microsoft hasn't yet replaced (Nokia was famous for secrecy).

So as much as I'd like to hammer Verizon, Cricket and others with FCC complaints and hammer them for their silence, this might actually all be on Microsoft.

Granted the developer edition has been out, but that's just a beta that Microsoft has given all carriers.

Everything IMHO points to Microsoft as the culprit here in failing to deliver a final version of 8.1 to ALL its CDMA carriers, which would explain the deafening silence from all CDMA carriers on the topic. If they talk, they probably lose a % of subsidizing dollars from Microsoft.

So let's stay focused on all this and once Microsoft finally releases 8.1 to CDMA Carriers for final round Carrier testing, we should all scream for transparency from Microsoft going forward.

They've done a nice job with surface pro's and windows 8 and 8.1 for desktops and tablets, which tells me this is all a legacy Nokia mess that Microsoft inherited and is trying to cut through.

Given the capabilities of the phones though, and the features and enhancements coming with 8.1 and Cyan, IMHO they're worth the wait.

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first off it is under testing by Verizon. the FCC doesn't test software. Microsoft gave them the denim firmware update when they announced it months ago. it has been under Verizon testing since then cyan was out of Microsoft testing about 2 months before that.

also there is no "developer edition" on Verizon's servers. the beta for developers is a Microsoft server that pushes out the OS updates. they are not allowed to push the firmware updates without Verizon due to an increasingly corrupt practice that the FCC quietly ignores.

this is not Microsoft the FCC or any other agency stopping your updates it is Verizon who would rather take under the table bribes than serve there customers.


ChrisAwesome wrote:

How about an official Verizon Wireless statement? Release Date?

This certainly won't happen until a couple of days before it starts pushing out the update.Smiley Happy

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if then...