Verizon - New Phone Upgrading Policy
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To all you poor Verizon Customers,

Just so you know, as of 6/7/2013, when I called Verizon today, there is a new policy for upgrading phones. In the past Verizon would allow for an upgrade every year.  Now you can only upgrade your phone when you re-new your plan.

Yeah, at first I was angry too.  Yet, after some thought, this is a good thing for Verizon customers. It is a HORRIBLE, money driven idea by Verizon, but if they want to shoot themselves in their own foot, then why should we all care, right ?

So instead of Verizon giving themselves the opportunity to offer the customer a new phone while they are still under contract, and also to have the opportunity to help a very unhappy customer who was sold a HORRIBLE phone by their own store salesman (Hamilton Mall, NJ) they are going to make it an all or nothing situation.

Let me clarify. 

I have the Samsung Stratosphere. Horrible phone. Can't make calls, only gets you about 85% of your text messages, battery problems, function problems, and just downright poorly made. Not only that, I am an electrical engineer and a patient person. I have tried to work with Verizon to get this phone working properly, even took classes (which were embarrassing for Verizon when the phone wouldn't do what the instructor said it would in front of 30 people, LOL). It is just a horrible phone.

If I was able to upgraded before my contract was up, then maybe, just maybe they find me a better phone that I am happy with and I then become happy with Verizon and stay with the company.

But, no.  Money is too important for that. Instead I cannot be helped and cannot switch my phone until I am ready to renew my contract. (Verizon will NEVER EVER EVER give you a different phone as a replacement, so don't bother) So, know while I research for my new phone, I might as well research for a new company.  If it is all or nothing for the company, same is said for the customer.

So, actually. Thanks Verizon!  Thanks for helping me see that a little patience will put be in a position of leverage and control when choosing my next phone........and after our litte talk on the phone today (that cut in and out the whole time, LOL) my next phone company.

Funny watching poorly run companies make bad decisions.

BTW - your message board is pretty pathetic too!

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The annual upgrade option hasn't been available since 2011.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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Perhaps you should also research a device a little more before signing a two year contract for it?