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Verizon Trophy need SIM to activate?

Hi -

I've just gotten a used HTC Trophy that was missing the SIM card in the interior slot.  It also does not activate online.  I thought the SIM card was for global use... shouldn't it be able to activate without a SIM card?

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Re: Verizon Trophy need SIM to activate?

Are you sure you bought the Verizon version of the Trophy?  There is another version of the trophy released globally which does not support Verizon's CDMA (a type of network protocol that DOESN'T require SIM cards, save for use with 4G LTE, which the Trophy doesn't support) network, it only supports GSM (a type of network protocol that requires SIM cards), while the Verizon trophy supports both (and thus doesn't need a SIM unless you use it with a GSM network overseas).  You can tell by looking for the Verizon logo above the screen on the phone (you can see it in the phone image in the sale page below).