Verizon customer service for teachers/school administrators

Bought the new iphone and a comprehensive plan, and was promised by sale associates that teachers/school administrators get a 20% discount.  When I went back with my valid school ID I was told (after a 45 minute wait)  that I didn't quality because I work for an independent school.  Verizon, in small independent schools, we make much less than public school teachers and administrators.  I am finding this company to be extremely unethical.  Can't wait to switch to another company entirely.  Will try to get local news channel to do a clip on this misleading business practice of discrimination against independent school personnel. 

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It is important to understand the the employee discounts are a negotiated agreement between Verizon and the employer.

You should approach your school administration and ask them to enter into an agreement with Verizon to provide discounts for their employees.

Your outrage is directed at the wrong party.

No discrimination going on.  It's a contractual arrangement.