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Verizon..does anyone care about us basic users? Really?

I know Im not the only 'crying' about this...but seriously...where have we come from just a few years ago when you offered feature phones that were actually half decnt for those of us who cant afford or DONT WANT to spend half our paycheck on the data packages...It seems like we've taken steps BACK with the basic phone you currently offer!  The brightside is the only one remotely close to what used to be available...but look at the reviews on any website, its terrible. Is it really that hard, or too much  to ask for a decent camera (w flash maybe?!), internet browser, etc...the Samsung Rogue and LG Envy 3 are way ahead of this phone from 3 years ago..cant we step it up?

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Re: Verizon..does anyone care about us basic users? Really?
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You want an internet browser but don't want to pay for data plan? How is that going to work?

Re: Verizon..does anyone care about us basic users? Really?

I dont mean all full fledged browser like smart phones...all phones have

browers actually, all Im looking for is something with a capacitive touch

screen that can browse a little easier than what is out there...and Ive

checked the Brightside in person, the quality is terrible. I dont plan on

being connected 24/7, only if its needed...and with the new share plan it

comes w/300 mb which is fine for someone like me who doesnt need

connected everywhere I go. I use my ipod Touch wifi 99% of the time.

Re: Verizon..does anyone care about us basic users? Really?
Customer Service Rep

We understand the need for Basic phones is a significant portion of our customer base fpd1997! We appreciate your feedback and we will definitely forward it to the equipment manufacturers! Please be assured we will still be offering feature phones with advanced capabilities! Take a look at the latest offerings!


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Re: Verizon..does anyone care about us basic users? Really?
Contributor - Level 2


Yes, take a close look at the latest VZW offerings. There is nothing good in the basic phones.

If I don’t like touch screen and I have passed the flip phone era, then there are in fact only two (2) phones offered by the Verizon: LG Cosmos 2 and Samsung Intensity III.

Are these phones any good? I don’t think so. The quality of these phones is not even close to the quality of basic phones that we had in the past.

LG Cosmos 2

I can’t give any opinion as a user because I don’t own LG Cosmos 2. But based on the opinions of others VZW customers, I wouldn’t buy this phone or recommend to anyone. And then, based on what I see and read, I could say that this phone is very poorly designed and it’s out-of-date on some of the features. 

1. The camera has only 1.3 Megapixel - this is like moving backward instead of going forward.

2. There is no video.

3. Only 2” screen.

Why ALL the basic phone models must be slim? I don’t might to have a phone 1” wider.

There is no variety of choices on the design front. I think that most of the basic phone users could prefer to have a phone in the size of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, just to have a bigger numbers and a bigger screen size.

Samsung Intensity III

I am the owner of one of this. I “upgraded” my old Samsung Sway (4 years without any problems) to Samsung Intensity III, and I am experiencing any kind of issues – issues, which I never had with my four previous phones (diff models).

Since this is the third Samsung Intensity III in three weeks, I think that I could give honest opinion based on facts.

I had to replace the phone twice for different reasons.

With the first phone, I was experiencing very poor signal, drop calls and terrible sound.

With the second phone, after first night in standby mode, the battery was almost discharged. The battery and the charger have been replaced. On the same day, I spent hours with VZW tech support to fix cracking voice and windy noise in the background. At the end I was told that it might be a problem with the phone and I should go to the store and replace the phone.

The phone was replaced. The cracking voice and windy noise is gone but I still have a weak signal and I hear from the callers that sometimes my voice sound like I was distant from the phone.

Poor design issues:

1. The keys (on the front panel) are so small that is very difficult to touch one key without touching another.

2. The orange color of the symbols on the keyboard made the symbols hard to read.

3. VERY small pictures. According to the phone specification: “Display 2.4 inches”. I wonder how it was measured, when the actual width is less than 2” and height approx 2”. But to see the picture in this size, you must set the picture as wallpaper.  Otherwise the size of the picture, in the ‘full view’ is only 1 1/2” x 1 1/8”.

4. The back cover is made so cheap that I am afraid that I can break after a few openings.

5. Poor signal

So far, it look like the Samsung Intensity III could be the worst cell phone I have owned.

I just don’t understand the phone manufacturers. Why do they cease production of a good quality phone, only to replace by piece of crap?

Best Regards,


Re: Verizon..does anyone care about us basic users? Really?

Thanks for the reply D R ... It sounds like you are in the same boat I

am! I have checked out those 2 phones myself and have come to the same

conclusion. We currently have the original Samsung Intensity...honestly

it wasn't bad 2 1/2 years ago...but I look at the phones now...they are NO

DIFFERENT or ANY BETTER! I love the VZW Rep reply..."check out our

latest offerings"! Yea right.. I have been for the last year since we've

been out of contract...Im not seeing anything worth the 'upgrade

eligibility'...Im surely not going to sign up for another 2 YEAR TERM + a

$30 Activation fee for each line?! Not to mention they used to offer FREE

basic we end up paying MORE than smartphone users to

upgrade??? What Gives Verizon...dont you think existing customers could

get some sort of break??? Im better off looking @ ebay for some older

models like the Rogue or Envy3...theyre still miles ahead of what they

offer now.

Verizon-I would love a reply in response to this...can you understand the

frustrations here??...please and thank you!

Re: Verizon..does anyone care about us basic users? Really?
Contributor - Level 2

Hi fpd1997;

I checked LG Env3. This phone seems to have a decent ‘reputation’ on this forum. I also checked for a new Env3 on eBay and Amazon. On Amazon the price is around $77.00, and they have in two colors: maroon and blue. On eBay you can buy cheaper, from the same seller that sells on Amazon, but there is no blue color. 

I am angry at myself that I did “upgrade” my Sway with VZW. I used my $50.00 discount “new for every two” (which by the way is no longer offered by VZW), so the crap phone, Samsung Intensity III, didn’t cost me a penny. But I paid $30.00 upgrade fee, which took me by surprise and I have to wait 2 years to be eligible for an ‘upgrade’. 

If I knew three weeks ago what I know now, I certainly would not renew the contract. I could pay VZW for the service, as I paid for the past 2+ years, I’d be eligible for an upgrade any time I want, keep my $50.00 discount, and most importantly I would not have to pay $30.00 upgrade fee.

So that my advice to you is: if you really need a new phone, buy a new phone on eBay or Amazon (for approx $55.00 - $78.00), and this is going to be your total cost for one phone with one line. No upgrade fee – no activation fee (for one phone with one line).

I had not previously belonged to any forum. Just happened that I signed up for VZW forum.  I must admit that I learned a lot and this is helpful, even then when someone is arguing.


Speaking about VZW customer service representatives at this forum, I noticed that I get more help, faster and better response from the regular members of this community than from VZW “professionals”.

And ….just for fun…

There was another discussion about basic phones. Re: Don't forget your 'basic' phone users!!

On July 18, 2012, Christina B VZW Support wrote: Don't worry, we have many great Feature Phones for users who do not need data capabilities……”.

On Aug 8, 2012, I asked: “Where are these phones?”

Re: Verizon..does anyone care about us basic users? Really?

So it seems some of us have useless phones and most of us just don't want all those bells and whistle and bills. When I upgraded to the Stratosphere, Verizon made NO MENTION of the required Data Plan and I got all the online support I could handle. I got a bill that was so high, I kept it as a reminder, cause I went waaayyy over the data plan I had. Now I've gone back to my Rogue cause I can't see paying 130.00 a month for a basic phone and a smart phone when now my data usage doesn't even touch the whole 300 mg I am paying for. I Facebook about an hour a week on it, make calls and text a whopping 100 a month. I am overpaying now the 87.00 dollars a month but now really overpaying cause the touch screen wont' work and I can't check my software, can't use the touch screen, can't text cause no touch screen and can't use the new phone cause I can't transfer it over without paying more for data  I will never use. I guess I will go to pay as you use and not use it except for phone calls cause the cell phone companies are really just sticking us with whatever they want to charge and its not fair and my phone keeps telling me I've got text messages that I can't access.

Re: Verizon..does anyone care about us basic users? Really?
Contributor - Level 2

And not to mention that we get a text message that we do not need, do not read, and…we have to pay for it if we do not have unlimited texting.

Re: Verizon..does anyone care about us basic users? Really?
Specialist - Level 1

I think the real answer to the title question is "No, not really."  

While Verizon would like to keep all customers for the monthly revenue (or pay-as-you-go charges), all the big carriers are much more interested in smartphone users, as the average revenue per month from smartphone users is much higher (because of data charges etc).  

There is a cost in offering any phone model (stock, certification, staff training, sales material, web-site listing etc) so it makes sense for the company to minimize the range of products that they do not prefer.   Now it would be nice to have a few "killer" basic phones (in its day the Rogue was like this, of course people had problems with it but it was almost a smartphone in many ways) , but too good basic phones could prevent people moving to smartphones! 

So this isn't great for those that want a nice cheap phone, but unless there is a really compelling market segment and the financials are there, companies will go were the money is.  More and more, for all carriers, that is the smartphone.