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Verizon or phone issue? Delayed texts, calls, etc.

Has anyone else experienced this lately? 

I've had this happened several times now - I'll notice a group of texts coming in all at once after receiving none for a period of time.  Yesterday, a coworker walked in asking why I hadn't returned her text from the evening before.  I had never received it.  Last evening, another friend asked the same thing.  I didn't receive her text either.  I had her call me as we sat there and the call went directly to voice mail even though we are both on Verizon and my phone indicated service was available.  I few minutes later, at 4:29 p.m., my phone started beeping as text after text finally arrived; all indicated they were sent at that time even though some were from the prior night.

What is up?  Any ideas?  Is this a Verizon issue or my Trophy?  Could the recent update to the Trophy have anything to do with it?

My coworker suggested I stop at the Verizon store. I actually started laughing.  In my experience, the local Verizon employees know nothing about the Trophy and immediately start trying to direct interested customers to a Droid instead.  I thought perhaps someone here would be more likely to have an idea about what is happening.


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Re: Verizon or phone issue? Delayed texts, calls, etc.

I have the same thing happening.  I can't tell what the problem is.  Texts are taking a very long time to send, I have watched the signal meter while trying to send and I have seen it jump up and down. Other times I have tried to make calls and they take about 30 seconds to finally connect and start ringing.  The issues are the same, but they occur randomly and for extended periods of time.  I have also had background tasks that I have turned off and set to not run in the background, pop up.  I am close to doing a hard reset and start over, but I am waiting to see if others are experiencing the same problem and what they have found out or how or if they have fixed it.

Re: Verizon or phone issue? Delayed texts, calls, etc.

Sounds very much like a VERIZON PROBLEM.  I'd definitely wait a while before doing a complete reset on my phone. I've had ONLY A FEW mishaps with this recently, but I've had the same problem with some of my older phones too. In my past calls to tech support asking them to fix "MY PHONE" for something like this, I ended up finding out that there was trouble with the system/network/towers, and I've been a Verizon Wireless customer for no less than 10 years.  It normally ends up being the result of system updates, or the satellite servers and/or tower connections screwing up, but keep in mind, they didn't always know they were having any problems the first few times I would call them about it.  For something like this though, it sounds like the problem could just be TOO NEW to require investigation of THEIR SYSTEMS AS THE BAD GUY. Plus, I've noticed that Verizon is in the process of adding a ton of new little perks for customers, and are completely overhauling the website.  So that could very easily be part of the problem.  There are usually kinks to find and iron out after changing so much.  I'd give it a little time just in case, and then call them again to make sure they haven't found the something on their end.  If at that point it turns out that it is indeed your phone causing the problem, I "think"  the REP told me back when I bought my phone that the replacement fee for the Trophy is not quite as expensive as with the other smart phones.  But I would bet that it's some little hangup on Verizon's side rather than the phone itself.  BTW, if it ends up being a problem with the phone's operating system or the update they just released, then you can bet Windows will be rushing around like maniacs to put out a new update to solve the problem as soon as they hear about it, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  Because they are working too hard to get the word out that they are making one crazy awesome SUPER PHONE!  LOL... Smiley Happy    You might even consider contacting Windows or Google it to see if there have been any complaints since the most recent Windows  update.  Hope some of this helps at least a little, even if only for encouragement.  Smiley Happy  Last thing I promise... Have any of you tried updating your roaming capabilities with *228?  They say if you don't do that  once a month it can cause dropped calls, weird signal issues, etc... especially if you drive a lot (like I do).. Because your phone will not be efficient in finding the nearest towers to connect with, or sending and receiving signal from towers...


P.S. - I'm sure any of you reading this already know about calling tech support, how to do it, and how to update your phones.  So when I mentioned it, it truly wasn't meant as some sort of sarcastic jab.  I hope it isn't taken that way...  Just wanted to add it because writing this made me realize I haven't UPDATED my phone since a month after I bought it.  OOPS!!!