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WP8 -- Portico, 3 Beeps after Missed Call and Group Messaging

Hi Verizon,  Smiley Happy 

Can we get an update/info for when we will see the following:

1.  Any information on when we will see the Portico OS release for the 8x and 822?  I noticed it was already on the display phone for the new Samsung when I was in a store last week.  Smiley Happy

2.  When we will see an update for the 8x and 822 to not hear the 3 beeps even when the phone is silenced after missing a call?  I have friends with the 920, 810, and the 8x on other carriers and this only appears to be happening on VZW WP8 devices. has details

3.  Info on when/if Group Messaging will be enabled on VZW WP8 devices.  This worked on my HTC Trophy but is completely missing on the 8x, 822 and the Samsung ATIV I looked at in-store.  Appears that this was done purposefully.  But why...?



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Re: WP8 -- Portico, 3 Beeps after Missed Call and Group Messaging
Sr. Member

You'll not get a response from VZW support here being this is a peer-to-peer community support and the reality of it none of VZW customer support knows the status of any of the above.

You can try to post your questions on Facebook and see if you get a response, but highly doubt it.

My thoughts,

  1. Will have to wait till the end of the month when the Mobile World Congress happens.
  2. This fix, if VZW plans to fix it might have to wait till Portico
  3. No one outside of VZW knows why group messaging was disabled in WP8 and again if VZW plans to fix it might also have to wait till Portico

For 2 and 3, if you haven't I'd suggest you open a ticket with support.  Hopefully if enough tickets are opened on these matters something might be done about them.

Re: WP8 -- Portico, 3 Beeps after Missed Call and Group Messaging

VZW took off Group messaging because to offer their "Verizon Messages" app which offers group messaging. The funny thing is they don't even have the app for Windows Phone 8.

Re: WP8 -- Portico, 3 Beeps after Missed Call and Group Messaging
Customer Support

Greetings somecallmetom!

You raise some stellar questions here about getting information on new updates coming out. Hey, I know firsthand I'm in the same boat highly anticipating the newest updates for the best devices around so I read you loud and clear on this one.

As we await more information on this topic, I know I've been checking in frequently at . Whenever we receive new announcements entailing things like this, we hear it first from there. I hope this information is helpful.

VZW Support
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