Waiting for Lumia 940 or Maybe VZ RM-927
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I have been an Android Junkie.. But after seeing the Lumia and I am testing Windows 10.

I am sold... Hope VZ gets one soon !!!!!

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I haven't even seen the Lumia 940 announced, or even leaked. Maybe when Windows 10 comes out we'll see a new WP flagship device. For now, however, it seems Microsoft is more concerned with the mid-range and low-end segments of the markets and is concentrating on overseas markets.

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... which is no big surprise, given that most of the market for Lumias seems to be outside the US.

I guess there's a lot to be said for being either first to market or first to market that didn't screw up. Nokia was first to market with the Nokia Communicator and similar, yet never figured out how to capitalize on it by building an independent app market. Microsoft was a close second with Windows Mobile, but they could not get out of "it has to look like old-school windows" mode, so they couldn't sell outside the Business user market.

IMHO, MSFT has one last shot at this (Windows 10), which supposedly will allow single-API apps that run both on all three Windows platforms (Desktop, Tablet and Phone). If they can pull this off successfully, Windows may have a second chance at life. Right now, it's kinda disappointing - dismal app market but a superior platform.