Water Damage Fix

     Hello like most people I have gotten my phone wet and I was flipping out but here is a quick fix that will work for almost all phones but not Androids, Iphones, and Touch screen phones....... take a bag of rice and fill it up but leave a little room and put your phone in there without the battery or battery back on and leave it in there for 48-72 hours or 2-3 days!

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Something else that worked for me when i accidentally washed my Garmin GPS in the washing machine that might help.

Open it up to the best of your ability and put it on the dash of a warm car (no joke).  Took every drop of water out for me.

If your phone is as bad as you say, then this might be a last resort step as "what have you got to lose" at that point?


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50/50...once an electric gets wet it can be ruined on the spot. the rice pulls out the moister but the damage has already been done

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Didn't work for my friends husbsnd but it's worth a try. Mary