What a disappointment this turned out to be!

I just bought the nokia lumia 928 and i had the 920 before. I can say that the 920 has a better camera. I have to be so still and i mean still or the pictures come out blurry. Windows and Nokia failed completely with this phone. I wanted to give Windows a chance but when they make phones like this they should just give up. Im returning this phone and getting an iphone 5 with a better camera.

Why dont they ever listen to customers? why dont they use common sense and think to put in a fast shutter to avoid blurry pics? I never want any eco system to fail but with crap like this and BB Z10, now i believe that we should only have iOS and Android.

This is much of Verizons fault as Nokia for building a phone as this and Verizon for releasing it.

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Re: What a disappointment this turned out to be!
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Seriously? Take it back, quit your whining and move on.

Re: What a disappointment this turned out to be!
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LOL, dude you just have have a defective phone. Just take it back and get another one. There are always a few defective units on any new phone launch. But this is not the overall experience with the 928. This is a great phone and takes excellent pictures as stated by the numerous reviews through out the net.