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What a mess Verizon

Owned this phone, 8x by HTC, for a year now and the Verizon/HTC experience gets worse, not better, over time.  From random errors like No SIM Card, can't send text, and can't connect/sync to MS Exchange Online/Office 365 to sync email, calendar, contacts.  This "smart phone"  is primarily a communication device.  Sure it can play music and games, take pics and vid, but for me, if I can't make or receive calls (No Sim error), can't text, or can't receive and send email when I need too, this phone and the Verizon service I am paying handsomely for is useless.  I notice these issues mostly when phone is switching from LTE to 3G and 1X.  I live/work in an area that is solidly red according to Verizon's coverage map but as we all know, there are spots around every corner where coverage is sketchy at best.  At my office, my phone jumps from LTE to 3G to 1X randomly all day.  It's during that network switching the various communication services on the phone get hung up from time to time forcing a power down to get them to behave properly.  Have never had this problem with any other smart phone at this location.

These are not new issues, they have been going on for many months, with no urgency on anyone's part, except the customers that have to pay their Verizon bill each month for a great looking paper weight that might allow them to make calls and send emails/texts from time to time.  

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Re: What a mess Verizon
Customer Support

Hey there VentureProgress,

The HTC Windows 8x is a great device and I want you to have a great experience with it. How often do you get this sim card error? Have we already tried replacing the sim card or the phone itself? Do the other issues occur at the same time the sim card error appears?  All these issues could be tied to the sim card error.

What zip code are you having these issues in?

Please try powering the device down and removing and reinserting the sim card, and update us with results.

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Re: What a mess Verizon

Thanks Nicholas for the reply but things have only gotten worse.  During software/firmware update yesterday, phone got hung during install, tried to reboot itself 12 or so times then gave up.  Verizon Level 2 Tech Support had me do the dreaded factory restore since the update downloaded but did not install properly.  Probably because the phone could not find the SIM card during this process.  So the infamous SIM card error has now caused real problems.  I'll let you know if I get the SIM card missing error again but for now, I like to address one of the other issues in the above post, the inability of this phone to connect/sync to MS Exchange Online/Office 365 to sync email, calendar, contacts if I am not in an LTE area.  I can send/receive/sync fine in LTE, but not 3G, 1X or over certain WIFI connections.  Any thoughts on this problem would be appreciated.

And to answer your questions, SIM card error is random perhaps 2/3 times a day.  If you'd like to contact me direct, I'd be happy to share my zip code but suffices to say I am in the metro Boston area, 50 minutes outside the city.  And no, the issues related to failure to send texts and sync with Exchange are not only related to the SIM error as I can have service to send and make calls and send and receive email on other accounts such as POP and IMAP, and surf the net, but can't sync the Exchange account.