What happens to calls when voice mail is not set up?

Odd question...what happens to calls placed to a number that does not have the voice mail set-up yet?  Do they show up as missed calls or anywhere in the call log for that number?  Or is it like the call never happened because it was not answered and could not go to voice mail?  Also curious as to whether or not missed calls show up on the phone once it is powered back on after having been shut off (powered all the way down).  I realize those calls will go to voice mail (provided it has been set-up) but will the calls show up as missed on the phone when it is turned back on?

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Re: What happens to calls when voice mail is not set up?
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Not odd...On Verizon if it is not set up, you will hear a recording that says "Im sorry, but the party you are trying to reach has a vm box that has not been set up yet". It will show as missed if the phone is on, and will appear in the log if the phone is on. If the phone is powered off, the call does not show in the log when turned back on. It will appear as if it never happened. You will only know if you get a VM (if its set up) or if the person tells you, hey I called you!