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What is your Review of the 928

A User Review on the Nokia Lumia 928.

Got my Nokia 928 a few days ago. First, overall the phone is GREAT and I would recommend it to anyone. IMO it is the Best Windows Phone to date. I will also say that in comparison to the other Operating System’s; Android and iOS, Windows Phone 8 OS is better and faster in my opinion. Of course that is Subjective. Everyone has his or her preference as to the features, apps, size, style, color and specs of a phone that work for them and that’s just fine. My sister likes the iphone 5 and it works just fine for here. My younger brother likes Android ICS and it works fine for him. The point is, I nor anyone else has to convince each person that they should buy a particular Phone. Having said that this is just a review for anyone not sure of Windows Phone 8.

The Pros and the Cons.
1.      The Operating System: The Windows Phone 8 OS is
smooth fast and responsive. It runs faster on a lower processor than a newer Android’s faster quad processor. The point is, it doesn’t have to have 4 or more processors to run smoother and faster. Though I have not had it longer the 8 days as of this review I nor the persons I know who have a WP8, have not experienced the lags, bugs and many reboots I have had with Android Phones and Tablets.  I didn’t like the Windows Tiles when I first heard or seen them in pictures, but expect for the plain colors (you eventually get use to them) they work great. The Live Tiles update you on all the info you need on one screen without having to click on a bunch of different apps Mail, Facebook, Weather, Agenda, Calender, Messaging are all updated right on the front screen. You can customize the look, size, color of your Tiles and change them with ease.

2.      The Camera: This has to be one of the best cameras on a Phone. You will not be disappoint on the pictures it takes in daylight or low light. Nokia is hyping up this Camera and I have to agree. The Camera alone is a good reason to get this phone.

3.       Call Quality is good: Both calling and receiving. The speaker on it is loud and clear.

4.      The Display is great with the AMOLED Display. It makes the screen sharp and clear and great even it sunlight. The Size at 4.5 inches is also a nice size, not too big and not too small.

5.      Xenon Flash: Brighter and better Flash as found on some standalone cameras.

6.      HD 1080p recording with great noise canceling mics. Also has front Facing 1.2MP camera.

7.      32 GB internal storage

8.      4G Network: I haven’t had the chance to fully test it yet, but my pages load super-fast and my downloads are fast as well.

9.      Battery: Battery usage for a smartphone is Good. It also has wireless charging.

10.   APPS: There is a lot of criticism with this OS and lack of apps. This area is where people have to put things in the right
prospective. Yes iOS and Android has more Apps than WP8. I have to laugh a little when this argument is brought up. First who downloads that many apps? Second putting thing in the right prospective, iOS and Android is 5years old. Developers have had plenty of time to make apps. Windows Phone is going on 3years old with Window Phone 8 being only 6 months old with over 145,000 to date. Most of the top apps or equivalent is available right now on the WP store, with more being added as the months go buy. The point is, it took both Android and Apple years to get to the app count they have now. Besides most of the apps on those system or useless apps that don’t say on a phone for long yet alone even make it to ones phone. Again my point is most of the main or equivalent apps that people use are either on the store or in development. If Windows Phone 8 sells great(and I think it will) more apps will come faster. Anyway Nokia has a set of apps that make this phone stand out itself, Nokia Music, Nokia City Lens: Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive. There are plenty of other apps that make this a great pick.

1.      No External Storage. I think Nokia made a mistake here. Even though it has an internal 32 gig storage( 23G usable) they should have made room for external storage. I like having my music, videos and some data on a storage card so I am not tied to a computer or downloading data on a cell or wifi. I almost didn’t get the phone because if this.

2.      No removable battery. I am a heavy user, both personal and work. I like having a couple of charged batteries to throw in when I just can’t charge.

3.      Lack of Apps? I put this here because in comparison to the other two OS’s, WP8 does have less apps, however I think I make a good point above as to why this is not a good reason to not buy this Phone.

4.      No FM Radio: other Nokia Phones have the radio turned on. Though I heard that it can be turned on in a firmware update.

5.      No Etiquette: My own personal preference; a feature that mutes the phone when you face it down.

6.      Wish it had a stylus for notes: My own personal preference

7.      No Swype Keyboard: My own personal preference

8.      Unless I am wrong, No Video output to TV.

Ok so for what it is worth, this is just an opinion for a user and not a article writer, and Yes I have had both Android and Iphone.

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Re: What is your Review of the 928

My wife would disagree with the camera. She hates it, passionately. The Xenon flash, when there is adequate lighting add an orange hue to all of the pictures. Also, in indoor settings when there is also adequate light, the light that is being captured by the lens is washing out a lot of the color and detail. I am trying to find the right settings for her before the 14 days runs out, but work and life are getting in the way. May try this weekend real hard. Other than that, she likes the phone a lot. However, she is resorting to her old Droid 2 Global for photos. (I may have her convinced to stay with Windows Phone (maybe an 822 or ATIV) Even to my eye, they just look more real and natural that with the 928.  Maybe for the photos she takes (mostly close ups of wine and food), the wide angle lens and larger aperture aren't for her. The Close Up mode didn't help.

Since photos aren't important to me, I LOVE my 928. Battery life is managebale and I hammered it this week while on a business trip. I was able to get 13 hours using Bluetooth Audio, GPS, ActiveSync (as items arrive), etc. I also put it through an 18 hole test (6 hour round) with Golf Logix and had plenty to spare.

The Drive app is amazing.

I am starting to use One Note more and more.

I won't comment on Windows Phone. I have had a Palm Treo 700wx, HTC Touch pro 2, and HTC Trophy.

Re: What is your Review of the 928

Reviews? (not saying yours is one of em). YELP just announced some big  lawsuits vs groups posting glowing product reviews on their web site.  YELP isn't the only one with that issue On this site Ive seen glowing   post on top of glowing post for a phone that's still in pre order stage  unless you can get one in a store; verbage same review after review,I mention that because I relied on those  reviews to buy the 928 from another site and I'm satisfied those reviews  were pure fiction. Phone hadn't even been out very long, page after page of  glowing reviews

I'm glad its working out for you That phone takes great photos . The rest is all marketing. What apps? Downloaded Mapquest's 4 star rated "voice activated, turn by turn" nav app that adjusts with drivers route. Does none of those things. Got lost 30 miles waiting for it to do so. 2 emails to Maquest "customer service" went unanswered You'll never see a company like Mapquest "marketing" apps that way on Google play or Apple store, no way. Those 170,000 windows store apps are just another page out of the MS "marketing" playbook. Go to a windows mobile forum and look under bugs and defects tab for the 928; page after page of battery life, audio,text, random freezes,update, storage issue for a Lumia phone that owns a 5% share of the total windows mobile market share which stands at bout 3%????? When I had either a nav or music app on I was getting 11% battery drainage rates per 19 minutes. Guess it all depends what you call power user. And I wasn't the only one with that issue.Phone is marketed as 17 hrs continuous usage and 24 standby on one charge. Yeah if you make a few phone calls and take some photos. I returned my 928 2 factory resets, bottomless pit of soft ones and one failed back up later, that phone is all marketing.

PS. Vz's  much awaited flagship 928 windows phone came out in mid may. By mid august "flagship" was selling for free with 2 yr. All marketing. WP8 and I used it for 30 days is one BUGGY platform and that's not an opinion

Re: What is your Review of the 928

Sorry you had a bad experience with your phone. As stated on the other threads, those that have had a bad experience with the 928 does not, and I repeat, does not reflect the overall experience of the majority of users. Use Nokia's Here Drive for Navigation. The Nokia suite of apps are great and help the aid of the Windows Phone 8 experience. I had the phone since it was launched and it is still running great and out performing my friends iPhones and androids.