When Will A New Windows Phone Be Released on Verizon?
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When will a new windows phone be released on verizon? What phone will it be? What are you using to get this information?

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Re: When Will A New Windows Phone Be Released on Verizon?
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Guestimate sometime towards the end of the year; in the 4th quarter.

Re: When Will A New Windows Phone Be Released on Verizon?
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Verizon (will likely) release new Windows Phone in October.

---Verizon Wireless's CFO

Re: When Will A New Windows Phone Be Released on Verizon?
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just like the first Windows Phone 7 model, we have to wait forever...

Re: When Will A New Windows Phone Be Released on Verizon?
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Precisely! They've SAID it... now, @Verizon please DO it! http://mashable.com/2012/04/20/verizon-backing-windows-phone/

Umm, when is this going to happen? Our Verizon stores don’t even have a Windows Phone in their showroom! (That’s what Best Buy is for, right?)  I love my Trophy, WP7… but please, please, @Verizon, get with the program already & start showing off this great OS! To the comment “only account for about 3.6% of all smart phones. And the number is declining” I’d argue that people are too confused by the 5 kiosks full of random versions of Android in Verizon’s stores to have to ASK about Windows Phones they can’t see/touch/try… That needs to change.

Re: When Will A New Windows Phone Be Released on Verizon?
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One week away on 6/20 there is a Windows Phone 8 event. It is possible you will know more about timing and availability then.

It's not a rocket science to realize Nokia will be on board spreading from TM to ATT to VZW then maybe Spring (lowest priority USA carrier given their $15 Billion apple sales committment).

Given the lack of WP7.5 device and revenue losses Verizon incurred due to iPhone anyone reasonable would expect WP8 devices at launch for Verizon and real marketing.

The "10 device" plan also will promote Windows 8 tablet tie ins (andriod tablets are dead lets be real) in 2013. Win8 has great management of cellular data both x86 and ARM versions.

Re: When Will A New Windows Phone Be Released on Verizon?

Let this be known, there is absolutely no way in hell that I'm playing the same BULLSHIT VERIZON GAME with the same rules they made up last year that include:

A. Making thier customers wait a year and half, that's is literally 4-18 months longer than any other carrier worldwide

B. Limit the feature set so much that other carriers phone of basically the same model seem to be rooted (no tether, no screen shots, etc.)

C. Release it with almost zero support, the best I could find was a verizon support tech that guessed and fumbled around because there was no training for the trophy's and almost a month after getting it no one could help me get it to work right with voicemail, MM text sending and receiving or even getting it to purchase apps from the marketplace (it would ask for a valid credit card for my account and I had vaild credit cards in every one of Microsoft Live ID accounts) leading me to this

D. I finally figured out a large part of the issue, would have never even happened if Verizon would have provided instructions on something the size of a post it note, for a customer setting up their inital account when very first logging into the phone... Seriously without exageration, after loading and resetting the phone 4 times over a 2 month period both at the instruction of techs that "knew" this issue, and that was 2 of them after talking to about 8 support techs on the phone and going to 3 different stores 2 to them 3 times each (once with 3 of them working on it for about an hour and 15 minutes AND NO ONE was able to ID a large part of the issues I was having as being my Zune account, Xbox Live account, Certified Partner Account and Live/Hotmail email accounts all needed to be created using the same user ID and password and that's the one you need to use to initially set the phone up...

I understand Verizon had a hard-on for Microsoft for partnering up with ATT early on, but hell, with the lack of marketing, support, customer service and general all round piss poor attidude...

Seriously?? WTF... The best answer is a god damn guesstimate... Anyway, if I even smell any of that same BULLSHIT this time (and yes, that is a legal name for use given how Verizon treats the Windows Phone platform and the customers that want to use it) I'm totally ABVing it (that would be Anyone but Verizon)