Why does AT&T have Cyan and we don't?
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Buzzmachine.com has a great discussion of the fight for freedom on Verizon LTE network.  Every other carrier had Cyan out in just a few weeks but us fools are still waiting at Verizon because we are with the only company that ignores the FCC as much as it ignores its customers concerns.

Cornell Law School has a good summary of the FCC Block C spectrum requirements. Verizon has been fined in the past for not having an open network and they continue to place arbitrary "certifications" and "testing"  in place to block devices and 3rd party apps they don't like.

To those who say Verizon does not have to update anything, I would argue that in a truly "open network" Verizon cannot block any device or service that complies with industry standards from operating on the network. Plus under FCC rules the burden of proof lies with the carrier since any device that complies with industry standards is presumed to meet the networks technical standards.  The delay in the update is just Verizon trying to bully Microsoft just like they bully internet content providers on their broadband internet service (FIOS).

When my contract is up I am moving to AT&T unless Verizon changes its unfair business practices.

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