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Why does Verizon constantly neglect it's subscribers?!

The CYAN update for Windows Phone has been out for months now and yet Verizon refuses to upgrade the Nokia Lumia Icon. Verizon won't even give us a date of when they expect to issue it. "When it happens", "soon", "we're still testing"... these are just cop outs. So...

VERIZON... send the Cyan update to Nokia Lumia Icon users already. Stop playing corporate games at your subscribers expense. You are NOT too big to fail. You have been warned.

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Re: Why does Verizon constantly neglect it's subscribers?!
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"warned" or else what? You'll come back and complain some more? You know what make companies listen? Money or the taking away of it. If all the people with various issues with Verizon actually left them maybe these issues would get resolved better. Verizon's churn rate is less than 1% per quarter. Why would they feel they have to change anything? If so many people are supposedly so fed up how come 99% still stay per quarter? Trust me if that churn rate went to 5% they'd be making some changes.

Re: Why does Verizon constantly neglect it's subscribers?!

brand impact is money too

i'm sure google parses this thread every week or so.

maybe we just need some great keywords