Why does Verizon make me spend over 20 hours trying to resolve problem?

  I signed up to renew my verizon 2 year contract to get a new phone...Convoy 3. I knew it wasn't working by day 2 and called and had it replaced. That Convoy 3 didn't work either and I have 3 family members with acute illness. I couldn't call or reciece calls or texts from either Convoy 3 AND my brother who has a few months to live was rushed into hospital and placeed in ICU and I didn't hear about it for 3 days when I got to my shop and saw my sister sending me 30 emails about my brother...3 days! I was toild by Verizon tech dept not to get any more Convoy because they had a clich and to get another type of flip phone....I got another phone and the texting was so slow and there was no window on front of phone to tell me who was calling...I sent that back withen a few days and now I am uysing a OLD phone ( 5 years old) just to make sure I get updates and calls about family members. I sent the crappy phones back and spent 0ver 20 hours in less then 3 weeks trying to get a new phone and resolve the problem. Spooke to a supervisor and all she did was argue and threatened me and told me I had to repay for another phone and go ahead and keep the non wiorking Convoy 3 as a back up phone...why would I use a non working piece of junk as a back up phone? The supervisor decided to bring up the cost of smart phones and toldd me to pay the $199 because a smart phone was $500...I told her "no there not!" and she said "yes they are" and I decided to see how many times she would repeat "yes they are" over a dozen times before I said " I have a smart phone" and she let loose with " YOU DON"T HAVE A SMART PHONE" and she laughed like I was a ediot to thin k my flip phone was a smart phone....I toldd the nasty Supervisor I do have a smart phone and I didn't pay $500 for it and it is by a different carrier and NOT a verizon phone....she hung up...she then turned me into the Fraud department and when  I found this out called the fraud department where they checked there records and couldn't figure out why my name was submitted to fraud....AFTER 20 hours on this problem I have NO new working phones and I keep gettin g told to pay  the retail price. When I told the supervisor that I signed up for a new 2 year contract that it was with the understanding I wojuld get a n ew working phone....she sent me nastty trexts saying I was to pay $175 to get out of the contract ( no contfract to me I didn't get a phone) and I owed $500 for the convoy3 and a few choise words.. My brother came back from the Army as a vegatable and with shock treatment lives as a 60 year old man with a 14 year old mind and IN love my brother more then anything and we have been close and he doesn't have working kidney or liver and to find out he was rushed to ICU three days after the fact because the phone didn't work was VERY upsetting. He is 8 hours away and I expect his calls because thats how we keep in touch and when I can I go to see him and because of the phine problem I didn't get to find out he was rushed to the hospital...I can't pay for any more phones and I am tired of the poor treatment from Verizon. I need to go see my brother and I don't have money to pay for yet one more phone and be able to travel up north to see him......Verizon is full of the let me fix this problem for you...heard that 50 times and nothing...same 5 year old phone I reactivated that doesn't hold a charge and nothing but lip service fro  Verizon....ANYONE want to send me a working phon e so I can pay yet another activation fee? I am so fed up

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